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High Security Safes & Locks
Commercial and Residential Safes and Locksmith Services

Are you still hiding your Jewelry, Cash, Guns, Important Papers
or other Valuables in a
Drawer, Closet, or even
under your Mattress?

Fire, flood or a thief can destroy or steal your
precious items in an instant.

High Security Safes and Locks in Yonkers offers a full range of high quality safes and locksmith services for your home or your business with Prompt Delivery and Expert Installation.

Do you know which safe is right for your home or office? Do you even know how to begin making your selection?

Visit their Yonkers Showroom or website to learn more about how you can protect your valuables with a Cash Safe, Jewelry Safe, Gun Safe, Depository Safe, Wall Safe, Floor Safe, Hidden Safe, Dormitory Safe, or even a Vault.

Their motto is “Tutores Pecuniam” - Guardians of Wealth, and they pride themselves on their reputation of helping their customers protect their assets.

Ray Cotrufo, their on-site security expert will provide you with with a free home or business security evaluation.

Meet Their On-Site Security Expert:
Ray Cotrufo...

Security Expert Ray Cotrufo Has Worked With The FBI
Security expert Operations Manager Ray Cotrufo has the depth of expertise you need to show you how to properly secure you cash, jewelry, or any other valuables you need to protect.

Ray began his career as a locksmith in 1967. He has been directly involved in law enforcement, working with the FBI as well as local agencies.

His experience also includes extensive work in both the residential and commercial markets, including service to over 300 bank branches in the metropolitan area. This included safe and vault, teller vault, and ATM service.

In addition, Ray maintained and designed several master key systems for many high-end commercial clients. He has also spent over 10 years in the commercial construction industry, supervising renovations and new construction as well as working closely with architects, engineers, and end-users.

Come By For A FREE Consultation!
Ray will work closely with you either in the showroom or in your home or business to assess your needs and recommend the safe that best fits your requirements. 

High Security Safes & Locks is located at 2111 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, New York in the Bed Bath and Beyond shopping center. Free parking is available.


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High Security Safes & Locks
Commercial and Residential Safes
and Locksmith Services
2111 Central Park Ave. Yonkers, NY
(914) 779-7770

Cash Safes, Jewelry Safes, Gun Safes, Depository Safes, Wall Safes, Floor Safes, Hidden Safes, Dormitory Safes and Vaults.
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